Dear Customer,

As the winter months are coming upon us we felt it appropriate to remind you to pay particular attention when coating joinery in colder weather, correct coating practice must be followed, particularly during the colder months, to ensure good coatings performance. The full explanation of how and why precautions need to be taken when factory applying coating to joinery in winter months is covered in this Teknos Leaflet. Similar advice would be given by other coating providers such as; Akzo Nobel, Sikkens, Dulux, Remmers, PPG (Sigma Coatings), Drywood, Morrells, Sherwin Williams, Becker Acroma, Sayerlack and others.

The Basic message is that coatings (and stain blockers) will only work effectively when they have been properly cured and that the time taken to cure increases exponentially as the ambient temperature drops and humidity rises. Curing of the basecoat is just as important as curing of the topcoats.

When supplying joinery with just primer finish we ensure that the primer has been properly cured before shipping and THAT THE CUSTOMER NEEDS TO MAKE SURE THAT THE JOINERY IS PROTECTED FROM MOISTURE UNTIL AFTER THE TOPCOATS HAVE BEEN APPLIED AND GIVEN SUFFICIENT TIME TO CURE PROPERLY.

Whilst applied coatings will last considerably longer on Accoya than on any other wood resulting in greatly extended maintenance regimes, as with any other wood, it is important to follow good coating techniques to avoid potential paint issues.

Kind Regards

Goose Joinery